At IPTVANUBIS we will tell you today what IPTV content is and how it works on a Smart TV. You’re going to get much more out of your television, you’ll see.

what is Smart IPTV

By now in the movie, chances are you’ve heard the term “ Smart TV ” repeatedly. The vast majority of televisions in recent years are already “smart”, a revolution in the audiovisual market that has served to offer content like we never imagined before. Now, how do you like the term IPTV ?

At PcComponentes we will tell you today what IPTV content is and how it works on a Smart TV . You’re going to get much more out of your television, you’ll see.

What does IPTV mean?

Let’s start with the basic question: what does IPTV mean . Behind this acronym is hidden the “Internet Protocol TV”. The vast majority of current teleoperators use this technology to offer content to users, since it allows them to guarantee material over the Internet; and in this last point is the key.

When a television service is contracted and we have our decoder, at the moment it connects to the Internet it is making use of this technology. After all, the telemarketer is capable of showing us all this content live or on demand thanks to our Internet connection.

As a very important fact to take into account, IPTV technology is widely used in those additional services that can be contracted within the teleoperators. Here we refer to platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Disney+ , etc., which appear within other packages and not in the basic ones. If we say that it is “very important” it is because the bandwidth dedicated to these platforms is fixed in advance, so it does not matter what Internet connection we have, the content will be seen in a “similar” way.

This differs -and a lot- from Over The Top (OTT) content, which is what you can see on any channel and which may have better or worse quality depending on your bandwidth (but everything over the Internet as well, we repeat).

Why has IPTV become so popular?

Here comes the crumb of the matter: the popularity of IPTV . This technology is the one used by the operators… and the one that you can also take advantage of on your Smart TV thanks to the IPTV lists .

The phenomenon of the lists is one of the most notorious in the audiovisual industry in recent years. The summary is simple: imagine having a large number of channels registered under a list that you enter on your television… and magic! All those channels will already be there to view at any time and whenever you want .

The lists, which usually come in m3u or similar format, are entered into well-known programs such as Kodi or the eternal VLC Media Player , all through Smart TV applications or peripherals.

The particularity of these lists is that they will allow us to have dozens of channels all at once without having to search for the broadcast or the signal individually and one by one. In addition, there are lists of all kinds, so you can catch international signals from channels around the world. Of course, be very careful because there are also compilation lists of pay channels, something totally illegal and that can have consequences (after all, the great detriment of IPTV lists is their lack of security and how exposed we are to our privacy ).

So far this article explaining not only what IPTV technology is and how it works on a Smart TV, but also giving free rein to IPTV lists. If you know where to look and have the pertinent security measures, believe us that you will discover dozens of chains from all over the world, as well as “tune” all those local broadcasts at a national level.

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