Earn Easy Money by selling a Super Fast, Super Secure and the most Reliable IPTV Service.

IPTV Reseller


Becoming a reseller allows you to start selling the same day you start your reselling business. A reseller is someone that acquires a certain amount of credit to sell IPTV accounts to a third party. You’ll be able to set your own margins. This type of business model gives you a better chance to earn more than 100% profit when selling the IPTV accounts with our great discounts. At IPTVANUBIS we provide our resellers with all the support they require to start earning. 

IPTV Resellers

Never Expire Credit

We are interested in helping you grow in your business, that is why your credits do not expire, for us, your effort is the limit.


Unlimited Demos

We trust our platforms, the services we offer and to prove it, give a demo to your potential customers.

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After Sale Support

Our service team aims to provide quick after-sale supports services catering to each customer’s unique requirement.


A reseller business can be a great option for first-time entrepreneurs. It allows you to resell products bought from IPTVAnubis. IPTV services enable users to conveniently watch live TV and video on demand, so they don’t miss their favorite programs. This makes IPTV a charming idea that has a great turnout.

Advantages of Becoming a Reseller

You will be able to create and sell IPTV subscriptions on your own panel. An IPTV panel is a software-based web portal.

Any person who wants to become a reseller can use their reseller username and password to log into this software. After logging in successfully, you can create accounts for different devices and interact with clients through it.

At IPTVANUBIS, we provide full support to all our resellers. You will have the option to choose from one of our excellent reseller plans, granting you easy access to an IPTV panel. With this panel, you can begin selling on the same day you start your reselling plan.

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iptv reseller
Earn Money With IPTV Reseller

A reseller business can indeed be a great option for first-time entrepreneurs. It enables you to resell products purchased from IPTVANUBIS.

IPTV services offer users the convenience of watching live TV and video on demand, ensuring they don’t miss their favorite programs.

This makes IPTV an appealing concept with a high turnout.

Our Reseller Panel

Our IPTV reseller panel is designed to be extremely user-friendly, featuring an intuitive interface. We provide users with a panel that grants them complete control and flexibility in managing their reselling activities.

Manage Accounts

With our reseller panel, you have full control over various aspects of your reselling business. You can easily add new customers, remove old or expired users, generate free trials, edit user bouquets, add or remove Mag and Enigma devices, purchase paid trials if the free trial expires, and perform other related actions. This level of control empowers you to efficiently manage your IPTV reselling operations.


Interested in our service?

If you’re interested in our service, why not give it a try? We offer a 24-hour trial period where you can experience our channel lineup, video-on-demand (VOD) content, pay-per-view (PPV) events, and assess our server uptime. This trial period allows you to explore the features and quality of our service before making a commitment.


Our Reseller Panel Layout

Our reseller panel offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, providing users with complete control over managing their subscriber accounts. With our panel, customers can easily add subscribers and provide them with the necessary M3U URL, Xtream API codes, or even add Enigma and MAG devices based on their specific requirements. This flexibility allows for efficient management and customization of IPTV services for each subscriber.
  • Easily edit user banquets and offer the channels that they want.
  • Reset the ISP of the subscriber if the account is not working.

Manage Customers

Our reseller panel offers a range of useful features. You can easily monitor the active connections and view the number of registered connections. Additionally, you have the ability to manage the connections by terminating them if necessary. The panel also allows you to edit user bouquets, disable connections, and view accounts that are nearing expiration.

To ensure the security of your data and prevent unauthorized access, our IPTVANUBIS panel is protected with a Captcha feature. This helps safeguard your account and maintains the confidentiality of your information, preventing unwanted logins or intrusions.

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